Reflecting the Holiness of God

TUESDAY: Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Reflecting the Holiness of God

Holiness on earth finds expression in the conscientious acts of men and women who hate evil and work for justice. Holy people seek every opportunity to rise beyond personal self-interest to model the nature and substance of the Father and the Son. Transformed internally by faith and grace, fidelity to God and the commandment is their daily diet. God's wish is that humankind, created in his image and likeness should mirror his holiness and perfection (Lev.19:2; Matt.5:48) by radiating his radiant glory through Caritas and Filial love.

Holiness, in other words, is a consensus between men and women to possess the mind of God and Christ and live only to imitate their divine actions towards creating a new heaven and earth where righteousness, justice and peace embrace. The sacredness of people integrates them into the divinity of God - they work in accord as one divine body (Jn.17:21). Then all things work together for their good (Rom.8:28). When God chooses us, though sinners we are, (Rom.5:8), he did so to transform us through his love and to live among us if we are obedient to his will (Jn.14:23; Rev.3:20).

Amid a declining social order, the Prophet Amos sought to remind Israel they were the chosen people of God - called to reflect the holiness of God. However, sin had disfigured that divine image among them and disaster awaited them. Thus, their potential as a righteous nation was waning and evil would consume. We need to change; conciliation is a sign of faith in God. He can do all things together with Christ to save us from sin and death. They will quiet the raging storms around us and give us peace, as depicted in today's gospel.

Lord, save us from our lack of faith and calm the raging upheavals engulfing us.

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