Transformed by His Word and Grace

WEDNESDAY: Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Transformed by His Word and Grace

Through the power of his word and the saving grace of the sacraments, God is transforming human lives, changing and incarnating them into models of himself that the kingdom may be present in every nation (Rom.14:17).

However, where disobedience and sin abound there too shall we find indifference towards sacred things and wooing with death (Rom.3:23). Our eternal death brings anguish to God, but our conciliation with him is his source of eternal happiness (Ez.18:23). Notwithstanding our sinfulness, God is offering all men and women second chances for transformation and complete renewal to become living models of himself in the world.

Therefore, after every liturgical celebration, especially of the Holy Eucharist, participants must return home with a deeper consciousness of their social responsibility to create a better world. They cannot consume Christ and still be unwilling to raise the bar to allow freedom, redemption and salvation to come into their neighbours' lives. Authentic Christian transformation enables men and women to place the integrity of other human beings over the value of any material things in the world.

Put a new Spirit in us, O Lord that we may become with you instruments of change and transformation for others.

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