The Call for a New Amos

THURSDAY: Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time


The Call for a New Amos

Social and institutional discrepancies can have devastating consequences on faith and moral stability of a nation. When leadership loses its moral compass, it feels threatened by the truth and, in its resistance against change and conversion, the messenger of the truth becomes their object of ridicule and exclusion.

Persistent insubordination to the will of God leads people into exile and misery. Sadly, leadership is not only the one that falls into disrepute, but the nation or the respective institution also tumbles with it. Governance at all levels has a tall order to behave morally. Failing which it will court its demise and ruin those whom it governs.

Unlike Amaziah, the Church as a community of prophets in the world must at all-time rise above partisanship. Like Amos, she must be the vanguard of social justice since it is the protector of righteousness. Social injustice is a mortal sin because it kills souls of both people and society. Whereas, if our civil and religious leaders are obedient to the voice of the Lord, he will forgive their sins, heal our nations, from disease and make us walk again (2Chr.7:14). The Psalmist assures us: it is the Church’s responsibility as the community of the Lord's prophets in the world to show God's salvation to the upright (Ps.49:23). No one who is baptised into Christ Jesus should negate this responsibility.

O God, grant me the courage to witness to your name in the face of our present historical, social, political, economic and religious lapses and infelicities.

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