In Baptism, Christ made us New Wine Skins

SATURDAY: Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time


In Baptism, Christ made us New Wine Skins

The Church is the New Israel of God (Gal.6:16; Ps.125:5). Through her human and divine efforts, God trains his chosen ones to rely on faith and to grow in holiness (Gal.6:16; Ps.125:5). Human integrity and the dignity of our brethren are essential for maintaining clean hands and pure hearts (Ps.24:3-6). True righteousness relies not only on faith. A keen sense of social justice enhances its quality (Jas.2:14-26) and guarantees our salvation (Matt.5:6).

It is through our humility, obedience and collaborative efforts with Christ Jesus, God will successfully undo the human brokenness and unsavoury conditions, as they exist today. Everything that militates against righteousness, peace, bread and justice for all must dissolve and give way to St. Paul's definition of the heavenly kingdom on earth (Rom.14:17). God yearns to put an end to our suffering, restore our economy and productivity if we are willing to behave uprightly (2Chr.7:14). The Lord depends on us as his ambassadors to reconcile the world to him (2Cor.5:20), and help men and women achieve perfection like the Father (Matt.5:48).

As long as the Father and the Son live outside of our lives, we will be victims of spiritual deprivation and incapable of just actions. A deep hands and hearts cleansing we need before Christ can entrust us with his redeeming feature. We do not need a patched-up job ether but a renewed baptismal garment. Both Amos and Christ Jesus meanwhile are encouraging us to become like new wineskins able to withstand the power of God's grace that we may become a batch of new wine to inebriate the world with a sense of divine love and justice.

Lord, give me a new heart; put a new spirit into me that I may make perfection and justice my life long mission.

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