We are all the Face of the Godhead



We are all the Face of the Godhead

Whenever someone ask me about the ethnicity of our Lord, my response is the same. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit made us in the image and likeness of themselves. The discourse on ethnicity is divisive. It opposes and undermines the truth about nature and sublime substance of the human person; it denies there is only one Lord, one Holy Spirit and one God who is Father of us all. It also fails to believe that we are bearers of the same Holy Spirit. Every flower in a bouquet has a different shape and texture. Together they add aroma and beauty to our homes and lives. We can be the same.

Prominent in this discourse is a display of arrogance, the inability to rise beyond the flesh and to recognize each other as sacraments of God's love in the world. If all men and women are indeed the image and likeness of the Godhead, then it is very likely that he has no favourites. Then the onus is on us to imitate the humility of Christ by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in the way of loving one another as the Father and the Son love us. For when we loathe others, we veritably despise ourselves. In the end, we parcel out God and Christ as if they are disputable commodities. The other side of this perspective is - we are only obeying our unspiritual selves, impeding our spiritual growth and fragmenting the world.

Thank God, in Christ Jesus, he taught us how to break through all barriers and scale walls of hostility, which keep us separated and segregated. Not only by the enactment of a new commandment but through his passion and death, Christ united all warring factions and made them one (Eph.2:14-16). In the Lord's Prayer, Christ gave us the sublime prescription to unite as one body in Christ.

Let us today put an end to this discourse. Open wide our heats that the Lord may rekindle in us the fire of his perfect love and imitate him in reaching out to our neighbours. Yes! We must give up that old unspiritual self of ours to a positive spiritual person (Rom.8:13). Despite his humility, Christ is the wisdom of God. Imitate him! Then there will be peace in the world.

Lord, make us humble as your Christ and instruments of your peace on earth.

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