Christ is Luring Us Back into His Love

MONDAY: Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Christ is Luring Us Back into His Love

When loves grows cold, conjugal affection loses its tenacity to respect the integrity of each other and the dignity of the covenant. It takes the bigger person in the picture to rise beyond each other’s limitations to lure the weaker party back into the relationship and maintain the conditions of the covenant.

We are in covenant with Christ. Our imperfections sometimes disrupt and weaken the conditions of our bond with Christ. However, despite being God, Christ always humbles himself, stands in solidarity with us when we fall to allow us second chances to share in the fullness of his divinity. He never abandons us in the wilderness alone. The Psalmist says it well. Our divine spouse is kind and full of compassion (Ps.144:8). His love transcends every law to protect the interest of his beloved.

Christ will willingly descend into the valley of the dead to give life to those who ask it of him. He will exceed every law to restore the integrity and dignity of the broken (Matt.9:18-26; Lk.4:18). No member of his Mystical Body is beyond redemption. Right now, Christ Jesus is pursuing all his estranged spouses in the wilderness. He is trying to lure them back into his heart and life. Unambiguously, coupled with our previous lapses and infelicities, COVID 19 brought and deposited us in the desert. How are we responding to his efforts to lure us back to himself?

Here I am, Lord. Take me by the hand; lead me home with you. I want to live with you forever. Never let my love for you ever grow cold again.

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