Soldiers of Christ Breaking the Altars of Darkness and Evil

WEDNESDAY: Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Soldiers of Christ Breaking the Altars of Darkness and Evil

God in Christ transferred us from the realm of darkness and error. He made us heirs with Christ and offered us redemption and forgiveness of sin (Col.1:13-14). However, until now, humankind does not understand the depth of our relationship with God in Christ. Although he made us gods, a little less than himself and gave us dominion and authority over all the works of his hand (Ps.8:5; Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34). We keep on exchanging the glory of the immortal God for worthless imitations (Rom.1:22-23); also we keep building altars in their honour much to arouse the anger of God (Hos.10:1-3; 11:1-6).

It appears as if, in every stage of human development, men and women, awed by their achievements - be it historical, social, political, economic, culture, religion, technology and otherwise, seem to lose their sanity. Inadvertently they transfer their humanity, their divine attributes, integrity to inanimate objects. The Psalmist says it forcefully: "Man, when he prospers, forfeits intelligence: he is one with the cattle doomed to slaughter (Ps.49:12)."

Hosea, living today would lament over what is happening to the New Jerusalem of God (Rev.21:1-22:5). As depersonalizing as artificial intelligence has become, it is receiving the status of a deity. The demigods who rule the world seem poised to inject into the human body a synthetic soul - which not even sacred Confession will have the privacy it deserves. The gods of this world are demanding the privilege of being omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. We are self-destructing. The Herod(s) of yesteryear had their day. Take heed, dear friends. These altars will come crashing soon.

I pray that the Church in the world takes its responsibility seriously and pursue the lost sheep of Christ before they become victims and holocaust on the altars of modern technology and the hierarchies of our time.

O God, grant us wisdom to know the truth and to live by the truth.

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