The Mission of the Church in a Permissive World

THURSDAY: Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Hos.11:1-4.8-9/Ps.79:2-3,15-16/ Matt.10:7-15

The Mission of the Church in a Permissive World

Those who wander away from the Lord, chasing after new Baals, are in pursuit of elusive dreams, which will latter sadden their hearts and bring them deep regrets. God loves us with an everlasting. He takes no pleasure in our self-destruction. For his part, he pursues us just as strenuously as we are stubborn in our recklessness. God is determined to rescue and save us. That is what Paul meant when he said: "Where sin abounds grace flows in greater abundance (Rom.5:20)."

Insatiable greed, unrestrained licentiousness, myopic vision and biased partisanship, often are the prime causes for our delusional choices and self-destruction. Israel's poor judgments, her defiled altars and desecrated sacrifices, her disregard of God's love and her exile must remind us that God's choice still rests with us. God is counting on our fidelity, today to protect our integrity and ultimately our salvation and make us his licit heirs.

We are God's chosen people; the kingdom must be our ultimate treasure. In other words, just as God the Father tussled patiently with Israel for its conversion, so must we as his ambassadors, take up the challenge to do the same (Matt.10:7-15; 2Cor.5:20). Remember we live in a highly permissive world today. People blindly are drifting further and further away from God. However, all is not lost if the Church in the world as mother and teacher takes her mission seriously. Sinners must not be the ones searching for the Church. No! The Church must search for sinners and lead them home.

Almighty and eternal God pour out an abundance of your Spirit and zeal of your Son into our hearts. Make us fervent servants of your gospel.

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