Social Justice is a Sign of Conversion and Holiness

FRIDAY: Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Social Justice is a Sign of Conversion and Holiness

In the absence of truth, deception and human destruction await. Corruption, evil, and bigotry will darken the walls of our hearts and paint our city walls and streets in crimson. Whenever wisdom eludes us unrighteousness will sprout, grow and spread like voodoo lilies -beautiful flowers but up close, they smell like decomposing vectors. Such behaviour and stench perverts, divide, disrupts and fragments families and eventually obstruct the path to Christian holiness and perfection.

God laments over the departure of truth from our hearts and our lives. The global historical, social, political, economic and even our religious institutions present themselves as a massive field of voodoo lilies. For God, it is regrettable that as his children, we are extravagantly squandering our divine nature and substance (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34). God is willing to give us second chances. His call to repentance should fall on deaf ears and hardened hearts. Instead, let us embrace this opportunity, amid COVID 19 to return to our Father's house humble and repentant. Only then shall we save our souls, rescue our families and fortify the walls of all our human institutions. God is counting on us today. Yes! Social Justice is a Sign of Conversion and Holiness

Lord, I call upon you, save me.

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