Grace and the Word



Grace and the Word

God is overwhelmingly generous towards all men and women. He knows and sees the possibilities for change, conversion and divine productivity in everyone who cooperates with his efforts to save the world. The Lord shows no partiality to the detriment of anyone. The people who respond positively to his word and will their opportunities for change and productivity will be ceaseless.

The "rain" spoke of in Isaiah 55:10-11 is a metaphor for God's grace. It is God's gift freely bestowed upon the world for its sanctification and justification. Where sin abounds, grace flows ceaselessly to solicit a generous disposition and responds from humankind towards God's unselfish love for the world (Rom.5:20).

God knows every detail of the human heart and conduct (Ps.139).

In today's gospel, Jesus exposes the callousness, the indifference, and recklessness present in the hearts of men and women, which can obstruct the process of salvation. Thus, he juxtaposes the tremendous success and productivity of those who responded positively to the message of salvation. Both Isaiah in the first reading and Christ Jesus, in the gospel, unanimously echo the call for all of us to be conscientious of our actions, to reject evil, choose life and live.

In summary of Isaiah and Christ's sayings, Paul in today's second reading assures us change, conversion and a positive response and fidelity toward grace and the word demand humility, obedience and a willingness on our part to embrace redemptive suffering. How else shall we emerge from the experience of COVID 19 unscathed if we do not allow from heaven the rain and Word of God to fall on us to reshape our consciousness and redesign our pattern of righteousness?

Rain on us, O Lord. Plant your word deep in souls.

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