Transforming the World by Being Transformed by our Liturgy

MONDAY: Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Transforming the World by Being Transformed by our Liturgy

Discipleship, worship, Christian stewardship equals Caritas and Filial love, social justice and kenotic love. Today's Liturgy of the Word begs us to become the living expression of the Beatitudes. Christianity and discipleship are all about the transformation of the human person into another Christ. One who willingly embraces the sufferings of the cross like Christ and offer himself or herself as a living sacrifice for others.

Isaiah and Christ Jesus, both challenge us to rise beyond every form superficiality. Any form of Christian worship that does not transform us internally and conscientiously in the eyes of God is a pantomime. Christ willfully left the Church as a community of disciples in the world that the world might know the Father sent the Son into the world to transform it in the spirit of Caritas and filial love. In the end, God will judge by our sense of social justice (Matt.25:31-46).

We must understand that any liturgical act and participation of its membership that is disengaged and uninformed by the historical, social, political and economic context which surround it cannot achieve the ultimate purpose for which Christ founded the Church. St. Arnold Janssen summarized today's Liturgy of the Word briefly when he said, "It is not lengthy prayers, but the generous deeds that touch God's heart." Let us go forth and do the same.

Lord, I place myself completely at your service and my brethren. Use me, as you will.

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