Let Christ Dominate Our Lives and We Will be Free

TUESDAY: Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Let Christ Dominate Our Lives and We Will be Free

Man's greatest enemies are the lack of faith, fear and his preference for sin. People without conviction are like straw and dust - easily swayed and carried away by the wind. Fear cripples the mind; it impairs judgment; paralyzes any ability to withstand the onslaught of the approaching enemy. The inclination towards sin is the highway to self-deprivation and self-destruction. A life depleted of God's grace is the most debilitating self-created enemy.

Arrogance, greed and false perception of himself, man makes himself vulnerable and liable of defeat because of his irrational thinking. Grace provides man with divine wisdom; it empowers him to make perfect choices and protects him from the hands of his enemies. God never abandons holy people to the whim and fancy of evil men and women like tinsel in the hands of the enemy.

However, false pride and man's reluctance to acknowledge God's intervention in his life further accelerates and erodes his relationship with God. Christ's reference to Sodom in today's gospel once again evokes the memory of the disaster man imposes on himself when he chooses sin over righteousness.

The conspiracies of COVID 19 must open our eyes to the realities confronting us at present. It must persuade us to return to God in faith and purity of heart (Matt.5:5:8; Ps.24:4). He will protect us from the hand of our enemies and from all who hate us (Lk.1:71). God did it for Israel; he will do the same for us if we trust in his promises. Let us not cower to its threats, but be diligent and vigilant while we walk in the footsteps of the Lord. The enemies of humanity will stumble into confusion among themselves.

My Lord and my God, we trust in you. In your name, we shall conquer the darkness of this world!

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