Abuse of Power Is a Sin against Humanity

WEDNESDAY: Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Abuse of Power Is a Sin against Humanity

When people assume power for the wrong reasons, they will misuse it. The results will be destructive and distressing for those whom they govern. In other words, whenever men or women make themselves God's heir apparent, the world must prepare itself for wars and pandemics. Nothing will satisfy their quest for dominance over others.

Ruthlessness becomes the order of their rule. All else are victims. The aggression of the modern-day superpowers is reminiscent of Assyria's invasion and assaults on weaker nations. There are ongoing forms of biological warfare and ethnic cleansing, the heedless and legal prenatal genocide taking place, the desire to robotize everybody are cursory glances of where this world is heading. The men and women entrusted with the authority to govern the affairs of the world are usurping God's power. They have a plan to destroy. They are oblivious of their humanity.

God's promise to send a wasting sickness on these stout warriors beneath their plenty, a burning that will burn like a consuming fire (Is.10:16); it is already at work with COVID 19. The superpowers are the biggest victims of their creation. Yes! God always protects the weak from the malice of the wicked. For God treats the abuse of power as a sin against humanity.

Lord, without the loss of single human life you have seen us through the first phase of this pandemic. We trust you will do the same for us through all its phases.

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