The Lord will save us From Death

FRIDAY: Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time


The Lord will save us From Death

The sick, especially those who are terminally ill and those approaching death, often negotiate with God to commute their death sentence and save their life – even Christ did. He asked the Father to take away from him the cup of suffering and death but finally conceded to accept the Father’s will. The good, as well as the evil person, wants to enjoy longevity. God is the author of life; he always stands in solidarity with the righteous. He answers their prayers in their trials; he rewards them for their faith and good deeds and blesses them with a long life.

Death has no preferences, good or bad. Every person must die at his or her appointed time, regardless of the years, seventy or eighty, as stipulated by God (Ps.90:10). However, there are times when God rescues a good person through an early death only to preserve the person from the corruption of sin and evil - merely to grant him or her eternal rest (Wis.4:7-14).

Know that God is a God of second chances. Whatever we ask him in faith, he will grant it to us (Matt.21:22). God exists for the protection and salvation of humankind; for this reason, God created us in his image and likeness to live with him forever in the kingdom of heaven (Eph.2:10). His preferred option for us is life, not death (Deut.30: 15-20). The destruction of the unrighteous disheartens the Lord (Eze.18:23).

God preempts his laws, commandments and even his covenants to protect the life of those who love him. Feeding his disciples meant more to him than their death. In this regard, Christ Jesus cited instances when the life of a person must take precedence over the Sabbath or the law. As in the spread of COVID 19, the preservation of life took priority over worshiping as one body in Christ in our respective churches. While under normal circumstances it is not the norm (Heb.10:25), but in Christian solidarity is the better option until the health threat diminishes and then we must return to the assembly to give praise to God.

Lord, in this time of crisis, stand with us and preserve our life.

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