God will redeem us and Deliver us from the Wicked

SATURDAY: Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time


God will redeem us and Deliver us from the Wicked

That we may understand the truth and gravity of the unfolding crisis caused by COVID 19 and its implication it is advisable to return to Mordecai's dream and the plot against the king in the book of Esther. Only then shall the world understand COVID 19 is a war waged against the just, the poor, a form of ethnic cleansing under the pretext of new world order.

The darkness and gloom, the affliction and suffering, the oppression and the global unrest we are enduring, are designed by wicked impostors to throw the world into confusion, then seize our countries and homes. They use the threats of death as mind control that they may fulfil their deceptive agenda, impose on the world a form of neo-colonialism, and economic system, which excludes the have-nots and marginalize Christianity and the Church at the end of their terror campaign.

Like Mordecai and Esther (Est.4:18-29) our conscientious world leaders must confront this massive deception with fasting, prayer and sacrifice that their respective nations may not fall prey to this COVID 19 deception. Micah 2:1-5 is a powerful reminder that the consequences on those who plot evil are drastic. Their exploits will turn to dust. They will have no part in the righteous kingdom of God.

Similarly, Psalm 9B:1-4,7-8,14 inspires confidence in victims of COVID 19 and the nations plagued by it to be hopeful. God has not abandoned us in our plight. He only permits us to endure with him a measure of redemptive suffering to teach the wicked a powerful lesson. Christ was a victim of the plot of the Pharisees who tried to destroy him. Their plans never succeeded. However, through Christ's sufferings, God the Father led the truth to the victory. He conferred freedom and salvation on all humankind. Thus, God made it possible for all nations in the depth of their sufferings to put their hope in Christ in the face of any calamity (Matt.12:14-21).

O God, take all the engineers of the sinister COVID 19 plot into your hands. Do with them whatever is your will. In your great love, we await your saving help and victory.

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