Becoming Reflections of Christ in the World


Wis.12:13, 16-19/Ps.85:5-6,9-10,15-16/Rom.8:26-27/Matt.13:24-43

Becoming Reflections of Christ in the World

God created humankind to possess and embody all his divine qualities. His compassion, love, patience, forbearance, and mercy are sublime. Christ believed and taught men and women if they emulate the munificence of his Father, they can be as perfect as his heavenly Father is (Matt.5:48). The objective of Christian holiness and perfection find their most profound meaning in the two greatest commandments (Matt.22:36-40) and the new commandment issued by Christ Jesus (Jn.13:34). Unconditional love and forgiveness are foundational for Christian holiness and perfection. As the author of Wisdom put it: the virtuous must deal kindly to his fellow men. After sin, God will grant repentance (Wisdom 2:19).

Today's Responsorial Psalm is a beautiful summary of Christian virtues and values, which will help guide the children of God on the path to holiness. In other words, sainthood without compassion, love, mercy and tolerance is not possible. The Last Judgment and the Corporal Works of mercy mentioned in Matthew 25:31-46 make this abundantly clear. The Parable of Dives and Lazarus (Lk.16:19-31) confirms that there is not holiness and salvation without mercy, Caritas and Filial love (Matt.6:15; 18:35). The yardstick we use for others, God will use for us (Matt.7:2).

However, in his leniency, the Lord takes cognizance of the evil seeds sowed among us. Yet, he does not attempt to harvest the darnel prematurely. Why? Because he wants no one to perish. He gives every sinner and opportunity to change and conform to his will (2Pet.3:9). God, in other words, do not judge by appearances. The content of our hearts will judge us, set us free, or condemn us. That is the meaning of the metaphor of the mustard seed. Despite its minuteness, its kernel is what that tells the story of its selflessness and altruism.

O God, plant in us pure and contrite spirit. Guide us along the path of righteousness.

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