Obeying God’s Will

MONDAY: Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Mic.6:1-4, 6-8/Ps.94:5-6,8-9,16-17,21,22/Matt.12:38-42

Obeying God’s Will

The Liturgy of the word over the past weeks reads like open letters to the debased historical, social, political, economic and religious systems now corrupting the world. God recurrently sounds like a jilted spouse forsaken by a dysfunctional lover who refuses to take cognizance of his words and the consequences of her actions. She persists as if impregnable and untouchable by reproach and even flattery. Her deluded self-interest seems all that matters. Like a she-camel galloping in the wilderness searching for a mate, she is untamable and unstoppable in pursuit of her Baals (Is.2:23-25).

Such is the pattern of behaviour, which defined the world and the Church before COVID 19 and our present global human condition while it is raging around us today. Technology and science became our lord and messiah. We treat them as if their power is sublime and indispensable for our future. Our theology suddenly changed from redemption to prosperity. Even in our present context, we forget to speak the language of justice, tenderness and to walk humbly with God (Mic.6:1-4.6-8).

The description of the suffering servant in Matthew 12:14-21 servers as a beautiful reminder to the Church and world leaders, regardless of our status in the world, Christ Jesus serves at the ideal model of stewardship and servanthood where true justice and peace can redeem the world from its present sufferings through self-sacrifice. If we do not adopt this model, we will live in Babylon for a long time to come dominated by selfishness and greed. God will only show his salvation to the upright (Ps.49:23).

O God, train our ears to hear and obey your will.

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