The Mothers of God among Us

TUESDAY: Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time


The Mothers of God among Us

When the Lord Jesus Christ referenced his disciples with his Mother, brothers and sisters, he presented all his followers the excellent chances and probabilities of experiencing the full mystery of the Incarnation, in a personal way. Christ, at that moment, he referenced his Mother and brothers as exemplary models of human holiness; he intended all his followers should imitate their faith, love and fidelity to the will of God the Father. Mary's trust, her affection, and loyalty to her commitment to God adequately prepared her to become the ark of the new and everlasting covenant.

The same prospects of sharing divine favours like Mary, Mother of God are available to all Christians. From the day of our baptism, Christ justified, sanctified and glorified us through his grace and mercy. He gave us a share in his divine priesthood, prophetic ministry and kingly status and sent us forth to birth Christ in the hearts of all nations through the proclamation of the gospel.

Sin impedes that process. However, Christ assures us that through sincere repentance, we could recoup the fullness of his grace and perform the same functions with Mary, his Mother in sustaining the history and building the economy of salvation of the world. Are we ready for that role? Will we embrace the call to conversion unconditionally and be faithful to our baptismal promise?

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

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