I Will Grow Wherever I Am Planted

WEDNESDAY: Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time


I Will Grow Wherever I Am Planted

Look beyond our human limitations, and we will discover our true selves in God and Christ Jesus. Humankind, created in God's image and likeness, have a purpose and mission for being here on earth. While others may trivialize our worth by our external looks or appearance, God gifts, ordains and guides the destiny of all men and women.

Fear, however, of our human limitation often handicaps our ability to release our full potential and hinders our ability to fulfil our designate role and mission in the world. God knows the nature and substance of his creation always put men and women in the most conducive environment to enhance their growth and capabilities. However, each man and woman must respond and cooperate fully with God's plan.

The calling of Jeremiah, the parable of the sower and the seed forms a beautiful narrative, it eloquently expresses, how when men and women cooperate with God's plan for them, they triumph over their limitations. They will optimize their gifts and talents. Will we collaborate with God and Christ Jesus today? Will we allow ourselves to fall in fertile soil and produce a bountiful harvest?

I place all my future into your hands, O Lord. Stay with me; I will fulfil your will.

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