Leaky Cisterns

THURSDAY: Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Leaky Cisterns

Unquestionably, we are the children of Adam and Eve. In every generation, it appears as if humankind becomes increasingly obstinate and self-destructive in our attempts to rival God and take absolute control of our destiny on earth. However, we keep building for ourselves leaky cisterns that hold no water.

Through the centuries, every human institution, ideology, philosophy, political and belief systems, which divorced themselves from God, end up in one disaster after another. The further we extract ourselves from God's plan for our wellbeing and salvation, the more comprehensive will be our suffering and destruction (Hos.11:1-9).

The systemic approach towards the much-anticipated new world order shows how easy men and women who no longer listen or pay attention to God build for themselves leaky cisterns. The COVID 19 epidemic is like a deluge wreaking havoc on a massive scale. Every global human institution - even the Church, the priests and prophets stand appalled, silent and petrified. Yes! When God becomes irrelevant, where knowledge, wealth and power have precedence over faith and life, the people will perish.

Humankind despite coming of age is still inept in matters of spirituality. Today's gospel concludes with an expression of the Beatitudes. It reminds us that humankind's true happiness lies in our ability to discern the will of God for us. In addition, we must have the capacity to appreciate his deeds and presence amongst us.

Lord open our ears that we may hear your word. Open our eyes that we may see you. Open our minds that we may understand your ways and stop building leaky cisterns for ourselves.

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