Unconditional Conversion

FRIDAY: Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Unconditional Conversion

Our world is drifting further and further away from the virtues, values of God and Christ Jesus. With calm indifference, we are regressing from the kingdom of light and truth back into the reign of darkness and the culture of death. Like sheep, we are all going astray. God the Father yearns for our return into his flock. His heart recoils from punishment. God longs to show us his mercy and treat us with compassion and love.

In Christ Jesus, God established a new and everlasting covenant with the world. Through his word and his graces, God lavishes his love on us; he takes away our sins and reinstates us as his heirs and coheirs with Christ. If only we would abandon the dictates of our stubborn hearts, the richness of God's glory would beam its fullness in our lives.

God the Father, revealing his intention through Prophet Jeremiah 3:14-17 and 31:10-13 speaks to us with heartfelt empathy. Appealing to our imperfect understanding, he converses with his estranged children to behave righteously, abandon the streets, return home where true happiness and peace await.

The parables of the sower and the seed in Matthew 13:18-23 is a beautiful narrative on divine empathy. They flow into the way of every sinner gratuitously. However, sadly as it is, only people with understanding, a willing heart and clean hands will adhere to them and produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit in abundance. God never imposes himself and his will upon anyone (Is.1:18-19; Jn.14:23; Rev.3:20). Evangelization is an expression of God's unconditional willingness to stand in solidarity with sinners at no cost to them (Is.55:1-5; Jn.7:37) except to abandon sin and evil.

Lord, I accept your invitation and your love, unconditionally.

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