Called to Be Sufferers with Christ

ST. JAMES, Apostle


Called to Be Sufferers with Christ

Being a Christian, a disciple or apostle of Christ is more than just impersonating Christ. The individual must be willing to embody the entire persona of Christ and assimilate all his qualities. Christianity and discipleship together is a sublime state of selflessness and redemptive servanthood with Christ and in him. The relationship with Christ surpasses the physical realm; it is a spiritual bond, which knits our mind, heart, body, soul and spirit to that of Christ and makes us emotionally, physically and spiritually one with Christ (Jn.17:21). In other words, Christianity, discipleship and apostleship of Christ transform us into living expressions of the two greatest commandments (Matt.22:36-40).

Discipleship and apostleship are not springboards that will catapult people into positions of power or eminence in the kingdom of heaven. First, they are positions in the Mystical Body of Christ, which put us in the same line of fire with Christ destined to suffer for the redemption and salvation of the world. Neither James, John nor their mother took into consideration the dimension of the suffering servanthood when they asked Jesus to be his first and second deputies in the kingdom of heaven.

Those who aspire for greatness in Christ must learn fluently to speak the language of humility, obedience, redemptive suffering and absolute selflessness. They must be willing to share Christ's cup of suffering with him. In other words, to participate in his martyrdom.

Confronted by the impending new world order, poised to erode the sacredness of humankind, impoverish sections of the world and undermine the role of the Church in the world and the integrity of the sacrament. How many bishops, members of the clergy and religious - especially those craving for positions of power will be willing to drink from the cup with Christ to protect the sanctity of humankind and the world? The time has come when Christianity, discipleship and apostleship must no longer be positions of power or social status but suffering servants with Christ.

COVID 19 proves to us how fragile the world and man can be. Will we choose to waste our efforts on things of this life? Do you think it is wise for us to be jostling for positions of power while salvation is steering us in the face? God and Christ are counting on us to decide.

Lord, keep me always a humble priest and a living expression of your new commandment.

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