In the Absence of Wisdom Folly Reigns




In the Absence of Wisdom Folly Reigns

Leadership and governance be they civil or ecclesial are never positions of social status, amassing affluence and having dominance over others. In both spheres, leadership makes us servants and administrators of God's creation and creatures and sacred goods. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are indispensable assets for genuine leadership, good governance and the administration of justice and equality.

A few years ago, a senior friend assured me: lettered men and women are not always the best-qualified people suited for the roles of leadership and governance. Education and intelligence he affirmed are not the same. Men and women, regardless of their role in the world, if they, lack wisdom, discernment and understanding will fail as leaders.

The unfolding crises around the world and in the Church today speak eloquently to this truth. The mustard seed, if its kernel is compromised, it will not sprout nor will it give shelter to the birds of the air. Aware he lacked the experience to govern such a vast nation all by himself, Solomon asked the Lord for the gifts of wisdom and discernment that he would behave righteously towards his subjects.

Sadly, however, present-day politics and policies are determined by schools of secularism, humanism, nihilism - the upshot of this trend of thinking is chaos. The world is in an uproar. Must we continue on this path? Alternatively, shall we return to drink deeply of God's wisdom? Yes! In the absence of wisdom folly, reigns and we are all clown of indiscretion.

Lord, with your help, I set my feet on your path. Keep me steadfast all my life long.

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