The Re-washable Loincloths of Christ and the Yeast of Heaven

MONDAY: Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time


The Re-washable Loincloths of Christ and the Yeast of Heaven

God's love for the world is gratis. Those who receive his love unconditionally and adhere to his principles in humility, they will sprout, grow and bloom like mustard seeds and expand like grains of yeast. On the contrary, those who trivialize God's love will rot and disintegrate like Jeremiah's soiled loincloth.

The love and grace of God are essential ingredients for a holistic, integrated and productive life. Together they are the source and summit of the creative energy of God at work in men and women. When people are in love, they have one ultimate objective that is to be of one mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. Their dream home is their palace where they struggle with their deficiencies while relying on faith, hope and love to see them to the end (1Cor.13:1-13).

Once this love grows cold the home, the family and everything they owned together disintegrates. Similarly, that is how it is with God and his subjects. The moment children of God distance themselves from God, they become like dirty loincloths and inactive yeast - incapable of upholding their integrity and dignity one would keep if he or she remains faithful to God's love.

Human indignities and the rejection of God are very apparent today, but we can change this outlook on life and our future. If we let God be our farmer, let him sow us like mustard seeds and groom us; we shall blossom with him in glory. If God is our baker, his grace at work in us will transform our lives and our world. There will be no need to lose our human nature. Because as St. Paul, when we allow our life of faith in the Son of God, who loves us and, sacrificed himself for us to transform us into mustard seeds and grains of wheat, there will be no limits imposed on the gifts which God already bestowed upon us (Gal.2:19-20).

Lord, increase your love in me. Groom me with your word that I can produce just as many fruits as you want me to.

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