The Reward of the Virtuous Is in Heaven

TUESDAY: Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time


The Reward of the Virtuous Is in Heaven

The human condition today, globally, is pathetic. Suffering and social upheavals define the culture of death we created for ourselves. Since we abandoned the Father and the Son, human integrity and dignity lost their meaning. Like forsaken spouses, the Father and the Son grieve over our infidelities, their consequences, and reprove us for our transgressions - hoping they would solicit a change of heart among his beloved children.

God loves us with enduring love. He is most reluctant to let us suffer unduly for our transgressions - even when our trespasses smell as dirty loincloths in his presence. The thought of inflicting punishment and death upon sinners repulses God the Father (Hos.11:7-9). Yet God hates secrets because they inhibit the genuine growth of his children (Prov.28:13); it induces suffering and destruction into their life (Ps.32) and imposed unnecessary guilt and sleeplessness on their conscience (Ps.51).

God always chastises his children for their lapses and infelicities; notwithstanding, he loves his children unconditionally with an everlasting love. With mercy, he awaits and welcomes them back into his fold and enriches them with the brightness of his glory. The allegory of the darnel and the wheat is a striking contrast between good and evil. God will reward the virtuous in the kingdom of heaven; the corrupt will receive the wages of sin and evil - hell and death.

O God, my choice is life, not death. Keep me steadfast on the path of your virtues and values.

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