The Forbearance of Christ



Gospel: from the Feast of St Martha Jn.11:19-27

The Forbearance of Christ

The wealth of the Church on earth lies in the diversity of its vocations and mission, working together building up the body of Christ and growing in Christ (Eph.4:11-16). As the Mystical Body of Christ, also as Mother and Teacher, she has an exquisite role to inspire and strengthen faith among the people of God in the world.

The response of the two sisters, Martha and Mary, in their faith communion with Christ were very diverse. Christ's disposition towards their diversity in faith was one of forbearance. He made each person on earth different to demonstrate his compassionate love towards all humankind (Wis.11:21-27).

Mary and Martha are prototypes of the Church. Despite their differences in their approach to serving Christ, they both served his divine interest; they worked towards it with faith and conviction to guarantee the restoration of their Brother Lazarus' resurrection. One section of the Church prays silently; the other reaches out in the public forum to evangelize that the fullness of life dwells in Christ. He is the resurrection and the life.

It was through the prayers of Mary and Martha's public witness of faith in Christ that the promise of the resurrection of all who believe in Christ will rise again became a lived testimony of faith - even preceding Christ's resurrection. What about us? Can we reconcile our differences; remain united in faith, work together for the full preparation and participation of our brothers and sisters in the promised resurrection of Christ?

St. Martha, pray for us that we may imitate the spirit of selflessness sacrifice that was at work in you during your life on earth.

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