Constructive Christian Criticism

FRIDAY: Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

Memorial of St. Ignatius of Loyola


Constructive Christian Criticism

Human institutions, be they civil, political, economic or religious, hemmed-in on itself and is impervious to change and renewal will eventually fail. Stewardship that disquiets accountability forbids house cleansing and defies restructuring ultimately will face a human resource crisis, stunted growth, financial or spiritual ruin. The wicked deeds of those who corrupt the function of these institutions will continue to fester until they bleed to premature death.

Positive criticism, when taken in strides, is a redeeming feature of salvation. "A stitch in time saves nine," as the saying goes. God, despite the stubbornness of men and women, he always reaches out to them in a timely fashion to save them from utter ruin if they respond positively to his warnings and call to conversion.

Bearers of the truth do not receive cordial welcomes. We treat them as snitches and scoundrels. They are not our enemies. There is no need to condemn them to an undeserving death, like Jeremiah and Christ Jesus. The call to conversion and conciliation, the utterances and warnings of the prophets are objective and constructive sublime views offered to men and women by God and Christ Jesus intended for us to rediscover the divine presence in ourselves and to behave and act as gods in the flesh (Ps.82:6; Jn.10:34).

The truth always astonishes deception; deceptors unwilling to accept it, turn on its messengers. However, as a community of prophets, members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church must never stop renewing herself that in turn, she can, become the perfect collaborator and ambassador with Christ reconciling both herself and the world to God.

Here I am, Lord, renew me in your love.

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