Righteous Conversion

SATURDAY: Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time


Righteous Conversion

Conversion is a firm personal commitment to amend one's life arising from an urgent reminder from God to abide by the conditions of the covenant he established between himself and us in the Sacraments of Initiation.

It is a radical departure from sin with a strong determination on our part to avoid self-destruction and walk in the ways of righteousness. Once the individual makes this choice, there is no longer feeling or a need to kill the messengers of the good news or efforts to conceal the truth about his or herself. Such behaviour is unproductive (Prov.28:13)

God is humankind's judge and external conscience, it is impossible to conceal anything from him (Ps.139). Prophets, priests and teachers are his mouthpieces. Through his inspired word, they teach us, expose our falsehood, correct us and direct us towards holiness and stewardship in his Mystical Body (2Tim.3:16-17).

Conversion makes our way back to the Father's home easier when we listen and obey his messengers; they are like his divine shears pruning us and making us capable of bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit in abundance. They are servants of the good news of hope and eternal salvation.

Psalm 1:1-6 confirms if we loiter on the way of sinners and sit with scoffers, we will be walking down the path of doom. If we follow the counsel of the wicked men, we shall receive the same reward with them. Such was the thinking of Herod and Herodias. When she conspired with her daughter to ask for John the Baptist's head, and the king complied, they thought John's death would calm their troubled conscience and keep their consanguineous marriage a secret. David's Candid confession endorses that is a blatant lie (Ps.32). It is better to have clean hands and a pure heart and live in peace with God and Christ Jesus forever.

Lord, keep me always on the path towards a righteous conversion.

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