Providence Will Provide



Providence Will Provide

When trust fails, hope faints; faith gradually dissipates. Hoarding becomes the means of survival; neighbourly love goes out of existence. Then, a sense of entitlement controls our destiny. Consequently, a materialistic worldview dominates our thinking, patterns of behaviour and obscures our judgment.

This kind of transformation limits one's potential for generosity or intensifies his or her miserliness contrary to the principles of Caritas and filial love, which must shape the consciousness of the followers of Christ. Whatever God bestows upon us as his children, followers of his Son are always intentionally in the best interest of the recipients, and stewards of his sacred goods - the gifts are gratis and unconditional. God's ultimate objective: the preservation of human life and salvation.

The divine invitation to come and eat in Isaiah 55:1-3 prefigured the multiplication of the loaves in Matt.14:13-21 and the institution of the Holy Eucharist in Matthew 26:26-29, which are demonstrations of the type of selflessness Jesus expected of his disciples when he asked them to feed the multitudes from their limited resources.

In the mind of Christ, no adversarial conditions, artificial or otherwise, should hinder the spirit of hospitality and generosity among his disciples when the opportunity arises. Thus, St. Paul speaks of an incredible, the unshakable and unbroken bond between Christ and ourselves. If we adhered to the power of Christ's selfless love, it will make us victors of Caritas and Filial love with Christ and in him regardless of the human conditions, we encounter when we preach the gospel. We will have no reason to send anyone away. Providence will provide.

Lord, train me that I may be grateful for the generosity of divine providence and the opportunities to serve you selflessly in others.

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