We Shall Overcome

MONDAY: Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time


We Shall Overcome

We are living in a turbulent era, encouragingly purported by disparaging voices vying to control and shape the consciousness of the people, globally. The track towards a new world order is littered with many like Prophet Hananiah, a perpetrator of deception, trying to undo the likes of Jeremiah, the prophet of truth. Modern-day technology, despite its propensity for good it is also ambivalent in its approach to the spread of propaganda.

We are living in a time of ambiguities; the Church stands between the devil and the deep blue turbulent sea. It appears as if the Lord is asleep, or up in the mountains praying alone. The crowds have gone home. We are at sea, alone in the bark striving towards the nearest port.

My brothers and sisters let us take comfort in the words of God who promised us: I will never forsake you. I carved you in the palm of my hand (Is.49:15). Christ's appearance on the lake is testimony that the Lord never fails to keep his promise. His immediate rescue of Peter confirms that he will always strengthen his disciples and apostles - that our faith will not fail us, and the gates of hell shall never prevail against his Church (Matt.14:13-21; 16:18).

The odds are not against us. Do not grow faint-hearted. The eyes of the Lord are upon us. He is guiding us back safely ashore. Once again, God will treat us like Jeremiah; he will break all the iron yokes the Hananiah(s) and Nebuchadnezzar(s) of our time placed upon our shoulders. God will throw them out of the face of the earth. In addition, bring us safely back from desecrated sanctuaries and forms idol worshiping in today's world. In Christ Jesus, we shall overcome.

Lord Jesus, you are our life, light, hope and salvation. We trust in you. Take us back where we belong in faith.

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