Sin is not Ingestible nor Digestible

TUESDAY: Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Sin is not Ingestible nor Digestible

God's love is borderless for those who believe in him. The plea of a humble, contrite and just heart he will never overlook. God laments over our stony hearts. Our suffering irks him, our prodigalism brakes his heart, and like a jilted lover peering over the hills, he yearns for our homecoming. God is love. It is God's spirit alive in men and women fusing two hearts and makes them one. Such is the pure bond, which exists between God and his people and those drawn to him in faith.

A person's nationality, ethnicity, dialect, social status are all-inconsequential in the eyes of God. Faith, humility and obedience, are all that matter. Then he will stand in solidarity with anyone acceptable to him. He is always willing to embrace suffering humanity forgiving then and restoring their integrity and dignity (Acts.10:35).

As David said in Psalm 32, sin induces sickness and suffering but not for condemnation. It is only to persuade us to turn to God for redemption. Physically a slight twitch in the neck will not bring us to the doctor but if it worsens, the intensity of the pain will propel us, at any hour of the night to head straight for the emergency room. In other words, God permits misfortune and human suffering as consequences of sins only to alert us of his presence and his love and draw us back to himself.

Sin for God and Christ is not an ingestible and digestible commodity. It is a malfunction of the human heart, which excuses evil and abandons divine virtues, values and morals for selfish purposes (Matt.15:10-20). The preventative measure against such practices is to acquire a taste for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord are at work in our hearts, then our harvest of good deeds will be plentiful. Let us go forth and do the same.

Lord, grant me a deep love for your law, virtues and values.

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