No one is a Burden or a Nuisance to the Lord

WEDNESDAY: Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time


No one is a Burden or a Nuisance to the Lord

In anticipation of the loaves, the disciples saw the multitude as a burden beyond their immediate means. They asked Jesus to send the people away to find food for themselves. Today they saw the Canaanite woman as an unnecessary nuisance. They begged Jesus to get rid of her. In both cases Jesus give in to their requests.

In the first instance, Jesus taught the disciples a lesson in selflessness, hospitality, generosity and compassion. In the second instance, Christ Jesus demonstrated for them the real meaning of love, empathy and solidarity. In this case, Jesus taught the Disciples the role of the Christian is to initiate dialogue and listen to the injured party. Be patient, listen to their story, embody their suffering and journey with them unto redemption and freedom.

The pastoral mission of the Church in the world goes beyond the distribution of goods of the Church. She has the primary responsibility to build and restore the integrity and dignity of all the sheep of Christ (Lk.4:18). Her place is among the scattered sheep and the broken people of God. Only by grounding with sufferers, we can identify with them and join them in their journey to freedom and salvation. Remember! No one is a burden or a nuisance to the Lord. Take our cares to him. He will set us free.

Lord, please, I ask you when I grow weary, and my patience runs thin, take me by my right hand, led me into your presence where I can drink deeply from your cup of love and mercy.

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