Take Up Our Cross and Follow Christ

FRIDAY: Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Take Up Our Cross and Follow Christ

The world is in crisis, yet hope abounds because Christ lives. The task of redeeming the world from its present predicaments lies squarely on the shoulders of Christ's disciple. They are the caretakers of the affairs of God's kingdom on earth. Deception and half-truths are wrenching the world apart. Human beings are specimens in a global laboratory at the hands of self-appointed gods who determine who should live and who must die for their gains and selfish ambitions.

The situation is an ongoing war fought between the flesh and the spirit. The apostles and disciples are his ambassadors who must willingly take up their cross like Christ to redeem the world. Over the years, the Church lost its prophetic voice, the sheep keep straying further and further away from the flock while the shepherds are like fiddlers on the roof fattening and protecting themselves, and avoiding the cross while still claiming to be his apostles and disciples.

To survive the aftermath of COVID 19 with human integrity and dignity still intact, all the Disciples of Christ must willingly take up the cross. Unitedly they must confront the self-appointed gods of the world if they must protect the gathered and wandering sheep. The mask we wear, now are symbols of the farce of COVID 19. Men created it only to inject fear, impose an unnecessary vaccine on us, to control the masses, to disrupt, destabilize the world and Christianity, mainly - to introduce the greatest deception of our time "A New World Order" that will further ruin the poorest of the poor.

If as Church we operate under the same Holy Spirit like Isaiah 61:1-2 and Christ Jesus (Lk.4:18) then we do not have any option than to take up our cross and imitate Christ in bringing redemption to all sufferers in the world.

Lord, keep me faithful in sharing in your cross and passion.

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