God Is With Us in the Storm



God Is With Us in the Storm

Zephaniah's notion of the Lord as a mighty warrior is consoling and reassuring (Zeph.3:17). It consolidates the Psalmist's saying “The Lord is compassionate towards all his creatures Ps.145.9). He comes, clothed in absolute humility and meekness to meet us and transform us (Zech.9:9; Matt.21:5). The prophet defined him as “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace (Is.9:6)." In other words, God is the epitome of the Beatitudes. Listen to him attentively and will soon discover that his voice speaks of peace (Ps.84:9).

Prophet Elijah had a personal experience of this truism: chaos, turbulence and intimidation are not of the Lord's nature. Tranquility and peace enveloped Elijah when God in person, spoke to him in a gentle whisper (1Kgs.19:11-13). In the tumults, God stands guard over us then reaches out to us and guide us safely home in peace and tranquillity just as he did with his disciples battling the headwinds and turbulent waves.

We are living very tumultuous times. History, society, politics, the economy and religion too, are in an uproar. Individually, we feel alone and endangered. We feel tempted, ready to cover our faces and hide in the cleft of the rocks like Elijah. Like the disciples, we believe we are sinking. No! God did not abandon us; he never will. Instead, intimidated by fear and with our ears covered, the frequency of his gentle voice seems inaudible to our ears. Let us listen to the Lord's soothing voice and humble approach. Let us do like Elijah, take off our hood and like Peter, step out in faith. When it feels like the odds are against us, or we are sinking, call on Christ Jesus. He will rescue us.

Lord, I believe you will make all things new at the appointed time. The disturbances of this present time will never overwhelm us.

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