The Lord’s Wheat

August 10: ST. LAWRENCE


The Lord’s Wheat

The fruits of righteous people are obnoxious to the likes of evil men. Sacredness, for the perverted, is sacrilegious. The premature death of a holy person is their good fortune. Affliction, extortion, torture and the destruction of the saints delight the wicked like plundered sacred vessels for the perverted.

Contrary to the distorted thinking of the wicked, the soul of the saints and martyrs are imperishable seeds. Their kernels will germinate despite their broken shells; they will sprout, grow and produce a bountiful harvest disconcerting the efforts of the wicked who long for their extermination.

Celebrating the memory of martyrs remind us that their blood is the seedbed of the Church and the irking restlessness of the wicked man’s anima. St. Lawrence challenges us to be like him - that grain of wheat roasted but its kernel never died. The Lord’s wheat never dies.

Lord, my life is in your hands. Do with me, as you will.

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