We Belong To God

WEDNESDAY: Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time


We Belong To God

Do not trivialize the sign of the cross traced on your foreheads on the day of your baptism. This mark singled you out for Christ and his holiness. From that moment, Christ has complete ownership of your entire life. Once the Church on earth claims you for Christ, Christ Jesus, in turn, secures a place for you in his kingdom in heaven.

Again, the moment we receive the anointing with the Sacred Chrism, we become sacred unto Christ. We can no longer continue to approach life with the same old lax attitudes or approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation without a firm purpose of amendment. There will be undesirable consequences (Eze.18:24:32).

There is always anathema (curse) on sin, especially when there is indifference towards repentance and conciliation (Gen.3:8-24). The state of grace is imperative for salvation. Therefore, every attempt on our part, as proposed in Matthew 18:15-20, must go towards preserving our Christian integrity. Sin separates people from God and each other. Therefore, as children of God and members of the Mystical Body of Christ, every effort on our part to reconcile our differences point us towards God's grace and the state of perfection.

O God, regardless of my pains and losses, train me; help me stand in solidarity with those who offend me.

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