Ambassadors of Mercy

THURSDAY: Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time


Ambassadors of Mercy

The Church reckoned as a community of priests, prophets and kings with Christ has a challenging responsibility to solicit a change of heart in the prodigal children of God in the world. Despite the generous love of God, lavished on his creatures, humankind, confronted by willful distractions finds it difficult to respond positively to the call to conversion.

Sin enslaves humankind's persona and confines people into a destructive form of inertia where nothing good can captivate their attention and turn them around from their self-destruction. Ezekiel’s' depiction of the stubbornness of Israel's behaviour illustrates the trials of the Church in her efforts to reconcile the world to God.

Conversion, forgiveness, reconciliation are possible only with the conviction of faith and the desire of men and women to mirror the image and likeness of God at work in them. God exists to reconcile the world to himself. Conciliation is his lifelong task; as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we are his ambassadors (2Cor.5:20). Forgiveness and mercy must become our lifetime concern and ministry, to forgive not seven times but seventy-seven times is divine (Matt.18:21). To respond positively to the call of the prophets and the gospel is the power of faith and love of God alive and well in us.

O God, you made us ambassadors of divine mercy for your kind purpose. Save from selfish motives and keep us faithful to our mission.

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