The Infallible Love of God

FRIDAY: Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time


The Infallible Love of God

Divine love is infallible; it is overly generous, even towards the vilest sinner. God sees the slightest glimmer of light and hope for salvation where the human person, finds reasons for condemnation. However, God confronts sin and deception and evoke in us a desire for renewal and holiness. God's love surpasses human understanding. His notion of solidarity is difficult for the human mind to conceptualize. Thus, when God reproaches the indiscretions of the apple of his eyes, it is to solicit a change of heart and to avert vengeance. The blunders, the recklessness of prodigals, defames the Creator and diminish the effectiveness of his covenant still he takes no pleasure in sinners' death.

Revisiting the past as a yardstick to define our present human condition and to determine the future is healthy. A person who forgets the past is doomed to repeat his or her follies. God keeps calling us to remember the past to sway us away from the human experiences, which darkened our soul and landed us in the pigsties.

Conceived and birthed in sin, in the waters of baptism, Christ washed us and dignified us by making us a line of priests, prophets and kings. He enriched us with his love and made us members of his mystical body. Such is the relevance Ezekiel 16:1-15, 60, 63 pertinent to the exodus now taking place from faith. Like in the days of Moses, this generation is becoming increasingly unteachable. Promiscuity today replaces morality. Humanism is the new spirituality of our time. Not all is lost. There is still time. We can change. God will rescue us if we try.

Lord, bring us back. Save us from sin and self-destruction.

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