Christ is Our Eternal Security

MONDAY: Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time


Christ is Our Eternal Security

The tangible aspects of life, our friends, the things we have ownership of are like our security blankets. No one wants voluntarily to get rid of them. The freedom of selflessness and the spirit of detachment and abandonment into the hands of God are like bitter pills to swallow. Yet such are requirements God, places before those who wish to serve him as prophets and disciples (Lk.14:26-33).

Whether as prophets, Apostles or Disciples of Christ, we are his ambassadors and witnesses. In every instance, it is the Lord we represent, not ourselves. We are bearers of the Good News, channels of grace and dispensers of the sacred goods and services of the kingdom of God. Under such conditions, our ultimate treasure, our virtues, and values are to find security in the person of Christ Jesus. We must become his imitators and willingly put the interest of salvation above our earthly benefits and relationships.

For Ezekiel losing his wife and the rich young man disposing of wealth was disconcerting in the early stages of their discourse with the Lord. However, with humility and obedience to God's will, they found the inner peace and contentment for which they longed in obeying God. Are God and Christ still speaking the same language in our present materialistic world? If so, how is our generation answering to the call of discipleship?

O God, you are my provider and my strength. With you, I lack nothing. All things that I need you send me in a timely fashion.

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