The Pandemic of Individualism

TUESDAY: Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time


The Pandemic of Individualism

Men and women, when they become rich, powerful and famous their inflated ego make them think they are gods. They squander their hearts of flesh, acquire hearts of stone and become insensitive creatures to the plight of sufferers. They live only to exploit every opportunity to their benefits and further fatten their ego with no sense of accountability to God or man.

In the heart of the COVID 19, pandemic the vaccines and the money trails are pointing us to those who by their wisdom and intelligence amass great wealth, have piles of gold and silver in their treasure-houses, and continue enriching themselves that make them more arrogant than ever. They behave as if they are gods and have the power to destroy and rid the earth of the plebs. Such is the historical, social, political, economic, medial, ecclesial and human condition in many instances, today.

Christianity has not yet transformed the hearts of those who claim they are followers of Christ and leaders in the Church. Obsessed with wealth, fame and power, clericalism, indifferentism and individualism, is ripping the world apart. Jesus, in his discourse on the use of wealth and power, forewarned his disciples of such dangers. He challenged the disciples to behave like camels, laden yet humble do the demands of the kingdom. All things are transient - even humankind and the hoard they love and cherish will all perish. However, our eternal reward is incorruptible.

Therefore, my friends, if we wish to serve as prophets and Disciples of Christ, imitate his intrinsic worth and ethics. When we are rich, make ourselves poor for others. Then there will be peace and respect for life at all levels.

O God you are my treasure. With you, I can enrich everyone.

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