Indifferentism and Clericalism

WEDNESDAY: Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time


Indifferentism and Clericalism

Today's Seminaries, I am afraid are producing intellectual priests. However, they fall short of delivering shepherds who are unwilling to ground with the flock of Christ. In my days Adrien Van Kaam et al, "The Emergent Self", a four-volume edition meant "To deepen our love for human life and help us realize our greatest potential as emerging persons", according to Van Kaam, was the handbook for priestly spirituality.

For me, this course was merely a duplication of psychology and sociology. Meanwhile, ten years had elapsed, and no one noticed the absence of Sacramental Theology from the curriculum of studies. Still, the Seminary was turning out some brilliant theologians ill prepared for pastoral ministry, yet desperate at becoming bishops.

Like lost sheep, looking for greener pastures and refreshing streams the flock is straying at an alarming rate. However, it appears, as if, as clergy, we are still looking for our potential as emerging clerics hidden behind some hefty egos and well-stocked pantries. Moreover, with a depleted flock, we still expect the same yields.

In keeping with Ezekiel 34:1-11, God chastises that kind of religious indifference and reckless stewardship among his servants who seek to exploit every opportunity for their ends forgetting they are accountable to God for every lost sheep. In keeping with today's Gospel, Matthew 20:1-16, clericalism at that level creates jealousy among the ranks. It makes us oblivious of our dedication and commitment to serve the Lord selflessly; we forget the divine notion of equality and spirituality Christ taught his disciples in the Lord's Prayer. Overtime the fighting for power among us is getting fiercer while the flock is thinning and the sheep are straying. Are we willing to make a difference for the good of the sheep?

Teach us, O Lord, to be selfless servants like your Son.

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