God Invites You to His Wedding Feast

THURSDAY: Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time


God Invites You to His Wedding Feast

There are four concurrent themes in today's Liturgy of the Word: God's unwavering solidarity with sinful humankind, Baptism, Eucharist and Reconciliation. Despite humankind's fallen nature, God stands unwilling to condemn anyone - but save the world. From times immemorial God, the Father planned to renew the whole world through the cleansing waters of baptism, reinstate humankind in his love, make them new creations and establish an eternal covenant with them. God predetermined himself to become our eternal spouse and carry us over the threshold of his kingdom, spotless and without stain or wrinkles (Eph.5:27).

In the Eucharist, we have all the graces necessary for our grooming in the ways of God’s wisdom and power and for God to transfigure us into the image and likeness of his Son Jesus Christ. Our active participation in the Eucharistic life of the Church is an acknowledgement we are invariably the bride of Christ and the spouse of God (Rev.21:9). Whenever secular and social affairs, needlessly divert our respect for the wedding feast, we offend the Love of God.

Even when we reject the love of God and fail to attend his wedding feast (the Holy Mass), the Lord feels like a jilted spouse. Still, he does not strike us with his rod of anger. With tenderness and compassion, he solicits a spirit of conciliation in us and continues to extend an invitation to us to attend his wedding feast. Why because we are no longer foreigners or visitors but members of the household of God (Eph.2:19). In addition, he reminds us, blessed are those whom he invites to the marriage feast of the Lamb (Rev.19:7-9).

When the Jews renounced his love and invitation to his wedding feast, God turned his gaze on the pagans. He reconciled them to himself, made them his spouse, and welcomed them into the hall of his wedding banquet. There is still hope for you and me. Let us value our baptism, cherish the opportunities we have to receive the Eucharist and do not be afraid to reconcile our difference with God in Christ Jesus.

Lord, help me keep my wedding garment always immaculate in anticipation of your second coming and ready to attend your wedding feast.

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