Who Am I?



Who Am I?

It is easy to become impostors if for selfish reasons but genuine disciples and ambassadors of another person, require intimate knowledge of that other person's identity and what is his or her school of thought. Deciphering Christ transcends our basic human faculties and capabilities, says St. Paul. Only through faith and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit will God disclose his real identity to mortal man.

Discipleship with Christ demands of us much more than a mere physical presence with him. Knowledge, love and service of God are absolutes for a strong bond between God and his creatures. Christ expects the same of all generations of his disciples. In every era, Christ will pose the same questions to all his disciples: "Who do the people say the Son of man is?" Alternatively, "Who do you say I am?" The response to his questions must be a personal faith conviction and fresh revelation by the Holy Spirit. From that moment onward Christ, the Christian Creed and the Eucharist become significant for the one who believes.

Recently an interviewer asked a cross-section of youths who is Jesus Christ. Who is his Father? Not only were they vague, but they also did not know. My jaw dropped, and my blood ran cold. Where religious ignorance prevails, faith is in a deep crisis. COVID 19 is compounding this problem. Technology is a useful tool for evangelization, However, who is helping and encouraging the drifters from faith to tune in? The Church in a post-COVID 19 has a great responsibility on her hands. She must adopt a new catechetical approach to make Christ known and bring home the straying flock.

O God grant wisdom and discernment to your Church, especially now, in a world where faith is failing fast. Help her rediscover the meaning of fishers of men where faith is in crisis.

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