Seeing the World through the Eyes of the Lord



Seeing the World through the Eyes of the Lord

Prejudice is insensitive. It is ruthless in its description and rejection of others and their culture. Genuine and unconditional love, on the other hand, is uncompromising, non-judgmental but is meek and gentle of heart. Christ Jesus came into the world not to judge or condemn it but to save it.

Nazareth contributed nothing towards the divine nature and substance of Christ - it only depicted his meekness and humility (Matt.11:29). Yet, such were the virtues, enriched by divine love at work in Christ, that when he approached Nathaniel with much empathy, it had Nathaniel fumbling for words trying to rationalize the Lord's description of him.

The action of Christ towards Nathaniel aptly defined Christ's saying "Do not keep judging according to appearances; let your judgment be according to what is right (Jn.7:24)." A powerful Christian concept that is so befitting of our time. Reminiscent of the anonymous saying one catches more flies with honey than vinegar.

Christ invites us the Church hierarchy, clergy and all Christians to imitate his sense of gentle mastery in a world so divided by cultural, ethnic, political and religious differences. Through his action, Christ transformed Nathaniel into a new person and changed the landscape of his vision and judgment. We can heal the self-inflicted wounds of humanity and Mother Earth, if we, like Nathaniel, allow Christ to influence our choices.

Lord, help me to see and judge the world through your eyes.

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