Conscientious Servant of Christ and the Kingdom

TUESDAY: Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time


Conscientious Servant of Christ and the Kingdom

If God made us in his image and likeness, he also endowed us with the potential for holiness and perfection. Gifted with a soul, a conscience and with free will, God prepared us to be conscientious in all of our actions and to avoid duplicity in every way possible. When Christ named his disciples salt of the earth and light of the world, he distinguished them as servants of God incapable of hypocrisy and able of being assertive moral guides in the world for others.

As children of God and stewards of the kingdom with Christ, all Christians - especially as clergy, we have a towering responsibility to support and encourage the growth in holiness of each other without presuming anyone is holier than the other is. We must pull back from fishing for compliments, social recognition and acceptance that will likely undermine our moral fiber or weaken the faith or confidence of the flock in Christ. Otherwise, just as Christ challenged duplicity of scribes and Pharisees, he will confront ours as well. In other words, God called us to be conscientious servants of Christ and the kingdom of heaven.

O God, help me remove my blinkers; see all things in their proper perspective as you expect of me.

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