Prodigal Shepherds

WEDNESDAY: Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time


Prodigal Shepherds

The heart of our Lord irks excruciatingly at the sight of the insincerity of his servants. When individualism replaces spirituality, the flock suffers grave wounds and neglect at the hand of the shepherds who live extravagant and corrupt lives. The pathos of Christ's suffering in this respect is evident in today's gospel. It is out of deep anguish the Lord challenges the scribes and Pharisees for their blatant and reckless duplicity, which contradicts everything they represent as teachers of righteousness.

Christ Jesus on this collision course with the scribes and Pharisees is still relevant today as it was yesterday. It is Christ's wish that all his servants and stewards of the kingdom would possess the nature, character, substance, honesty, sincerity and integrity of the Father and of himself whom they represent in the world.

In every generation, Christ speaks to the Church in the world and her pastors with grief. His heart peeves over their extravagant ambiguity. He calls them to conversion and offers then second chances to become better servants and stewards of the kingdom of God. My friends when spirituality is at its lowest ebb, in attempts to mask our failings, we weaponized ourselves against the Lord's vulnerable sheep; we frighten them out of the flock. Christ is calling us today to repent.

O Lord, hear us and have mercy on us for we have sinned.

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