I Stand With Christ

THURSDAY: Twenty-first Week in ordinary Time


I Stand With Christ

A Christian at heart is a conscientious civilian and steward. One who is aware of his or her imperfections, yet through prayer and sacrifice, he or she struggles to rise above them to imitate the perfection of our heavenly Father (Matt.5:48). Accountability weighs heavily on the mind of an honest Christian who understands Christ's second coming and final judgment are inevitable.

The utterance from the mouth of Christ "Stand ready," "Stay awake," must remind all baptized into Christ to be in a perpetual state of readiness like bridesmaids with their lamps lit awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom and judge (Matt.25:1-13). In other words, A genuine Christian must refrain from indifference toward the sacramental life of the Church (Heb.10:25) and the unjust social concerns that encircle him or her (Matt.25:31-36).

The parable of Lazarus and Dives forcefully illustrates the consequences of laxity among Christians (Lk.6:19-31). If as Christians, we desire a place in the bosom of our God and Father, we must be as scrupulous like the wise bridesmaids awaiting the second coming of Christ. Through his grace, Christ enriched us in many ways in anticipation of his return to welcome us into the wedding hall.

Lord, I thank you for your constant reminder and your grace. St, Monica, pray for us.

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