Embrace the Wisdom of God

FRIDAY: Twenty-first Week in Ordinary Time


Embrace the Wisdom of God

In Christ Jesus, God established the Church as the New Israel of God. He made us his choice vine from the soundest stock in the Son. However, influenced and corrupted modern-day philosophies and ideologies, and incapable of producing the appropriate fruits, we run the risk of losing our inheritance, which God prepared for us in the kingdom of heaven since the foundation of the world (Jer.2:21; Matt.21:34; Is.5:7).

Humanism, nihilism, individualism, hedonism with a sense of licentiousness are dismissive of holiness, life after death and accountability to the Lord our God. We live for the moment and ourselves. Nevertheless, working at a hospital, I had the opportunity to experience the torments of depraved souls before their passing. I do not want to endure this, not for a second.

How shall we overcome the impositions of these modern-day destructive philosophies and ideologies? As members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we must learn to speak the language of the cross fluently. We must personify the redemptive sufferings of Christ for the sake of justification and redemption without making fools of ourselves.

The narrative of the five wise and five foolish virgins/bridesmaids in an insight into the consequences of good and evil, which begs us to act responsibly, avoid reckless and callous living. Why? Because the end times can come upon us without warning. Thus for us who are victims of modern-day philosophies and ideologies, may the Lord grant us the gifts of the Holy Spirit that we might have the strength and courage to walk by faith and grace always ready meet the Lord when he comes in glory.

Lord, keep your children focus on the kingdom all day long.

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