Truth! The Way to Eternal Freedom



Truth! The Way to Eternal Freedom

Dysfunctional values unsparingly will drag its consorts into one tragedy after another. Those who harbour impure motives seek every opportunity to conceal, silence or eliminate truth - especially when their interest, they think is at stake - no matter how sordid they are, is under threat.

However, conscience never rests. It has an independent mind. It provokes the human mind and soul until they repent of all misdeeds. Herodias may have silent the voice of John the Baptist with the help of Herod, but she was incapable of taming the disquietness of conscience and the restless mind of Herod.

Dysfunctional love and abuse of power together are unfortunate acts, not only for victims but also for those who commit such atrocities like Herodias to protect her social status against the interest of her souls. Christians must bear in mind; the integrity and dignity of the soul by far exceeds the value of royal powers and earthly status. As Christ said, the truth shall set your free. Thus, Christ further emphasised, when truth sets a person free, he or she is free indeed. Are we prepared to compromise our salvation and freedom for anything earthly?

Lord, grants us the courage and inner strength to say no to anything that will discredit the integrity and dignity of our soul. Our freedom lies in your truth and in your hands.

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