Call to a Radical Conversion



Call to a Radical Conversion

God never created humankind to be sideliners. His plan from the beginning is that all men and women would mirror his perfection in all things. Most importantly, he wants men and women in every generation to play a central role in shaping the history of salvation and the economy of the same. Through the Word, God renews and refashions men and women into his reflection and endows them with his divine gifts to perfect their mission in the world.

Jeremiah's internal struggles with the word prefigure the Christians' daily travail with letting God seduce them as he did with Jeremiah. Jeremiah 20:7-9 depicts the type of redemptive suffering one must endure severing his or her carnal link with the world in other to become and effective coinages in the economy of salvation.

Paul reckons the solution lies in Christians willingly offering themselves as living sacrifices to the living God. In other words, Christians will reach perfection only through humility and obedience to the Father’s will like Jeremiah and Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus for his part offered nothing different for his disciples. He challenged them to take up their cross, endure their suffering and imitate him. In the end, they will see and participate with him in his glory. Let us, my friends make every effort on our part to radically remove ourselves from this world; join Christ in his passion and death that he might raise us up in glory with him.

Lord, your will is my delight and pleasure.

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